That Time of the Month- A Graphic Novel


‘That Time of the Month’ is an in-progress graphic novel project that explores real social issues that women are faced with every day, highlighting them further through the Fantasy-Horror genre and utilising nostalgia and routine in order to transform mundanity into terror. My use of the monster as a metaphor for menstruation is not used in order to vilify women, but to expand upon how we see ourselves and how society vilifies us. Today, people who bleed are still treated like the Other, monsters that must not be poked at, but whose “monstrousness” is frowned upon in society or simply waved away and hidden from view.


The story draws from my observations and experiences of what it is like to be a woman and a teenager frightened of her own body’s potential. The story further explores social and class differences when it comes to how we deal with menstruation, as well as other largely ridiculous social taboos- including body hair, sex/female pleasure and body shaming- in both a family and larger social setting.

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