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Commissioned Work and Collaborations.

Some work I have recently created with and for others! If you have a project in mind, please get in touch via email on the Contact tab.

Client: Evolve Calendar     Brief: January Hero Image


A collaborative project between myself and eleven fellow illustrators to create a calendar for 2021. We decided to call the calendar Evolve as the name of our Edinburgh-based studio was Evolution House and to indicate our evolution as artists over the last year.

I was given the month of January. The overall theme was 'Dreams', which prompted this cosy image of me sitting in my future living room, curled up with a cup of tea and a good book. 

As a whole, the project was very successful. We were able to sell 100 calendar pre-orders in less than six hours.

Client: Safira Fashion Ltd     Brief: Site Banner and Contact Page Image


I was contacted by the founder of Safira to create two illustrations for the launch of their new business- a fashion company that specialises in modest clothing for Muslim women. I really enjoyed creating these pieces as it gave me an opportunity to practice drawing a range clothing styles that I hadn't tried before.

I was sent some beautiful reference images to work from and worked closely with the client to make sure I got everything right. This brief also allowed me to work with colour in two ways- the banner was incredibly vibrant and dynamic with a range of unique characters, but the contact image limited me to working with the brands colours only.


Client: Prologue.     Brief: Album Art

Believe Artwork.jpg

I was contacted by Lois and Tom of Prologue last summer to see if I could create album artwork for their latest release- a single titled Believe. They specified wanted an upbeat summer vibe with some geometric shapes and dreamscape imagery incorporated into a portrait of the two of them. I asked them to send me a moodboard and in return sent four rough sketches, then a rough map of the colours (they had specified orange and teal). They also sent me a demo of the song so I could best match the aura they wanted to create through visuals.

I am very happy with the artwork I was able to create and certain I had fulfilled all of Prologue's criteria. Thankfully, they agreed!

The song is available on streaming services. I must say it is satisfying to see my artwork whilst shuffling through Spotify!

Client: Prologue.     Brief: Logo

The team at Prologue contacted me again later in the year asking if I could create a logo for their next EP. We wanted to match the standards I had created in the first piece, which was easy enough to do. After we narrowed down elements from my sketches that they liked, I was able to create one uniform image that could be used as a full colour or single colour design .

Prologue Logo.jpg

Client: StegoSEWrus    Brief: Logo


StegoSEWrus is an independent face mask manufacturer that sells recycled fabric masks via Etsy. The owner asked me to create a logo that they could use for the site and for stickers when packing her pieces. She wanted bold pastel colours that would stand out against the crowd. I enjoyed incorporating the pins and needles into the design.

Client: Bloody Good Period   Brief: Postcard Campaign

Bloody Good Period is a UK based Mentrual Health charity dedicated to Menstrual Education, ending Period Poverty and providing products to those who need them most. I was honoured to be asked to design an image for their campaign 'Walk of NO Shame' to encourage people not to hide their period products on their bathroom runs and encourage them to share their experiences.


Client: StegoSEWrus    Brief: Logo


Client: ELIQS   Brief: Beer Can Design


I was contacted by California-based brewery ELIQS via Instagram at the beginning of the UK lockdown to ask if I would like to partake in their #drink4good campaign to raise money for the WHO's Covid-19 campaign. 

My design was inspired by The Hermit tarot card as I was thinking about how fate and lockdown made hermits of us all! 

Woolgathering Exhibition   Brief: A 4-colour screen print

Woolgathering was a one-night only exhibition at the Peanut Gallery Cafe in Edinburgh, organised by two of my studio mates at Edinburgh College of Art. 

The overall theme was 'Woolgathering', which means 'to indulge in aimless daydreaming'. It was my ambition to create four separate prints inspired by childhood adventure games, but I only had time to make one!

Edinburgh International Book Festival   
Brief: A 2-colour postcard design 

I was asked to create a design inspired by Helen MacDonald's 'H is for Hawk', a book about a woman who learns to train hawks to cope with the grief following her fathers death. I was happy with the design I created, incorporating the profile of a face into the wing of the hawk.


Sea Babes Collective  
Brief: A postcard design 

A collection of illustrated postcards made depicting facts about the sea!

Did you know: the Latin name for the Pacific Ocean means 'peaceful sea'?

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