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Poster Design

chicagobanner820x360 (1).png
My penchant for poster design comes from the ability to combine my passions for illustration/image making and functional design. I enjoy taking motifs from a production to create a coherent representation of tone and genre that a potential audience member will recognise before even reading the text.

Working with
Edinburgh University Footlights in a seasonal position creating promotional material for their productions of '9 to 5' (2019) and 'Chicago' (2020) was a really exciting experience. This included working closely with producers to brainstorm ideas before taking a lead role in making consistent colour palettes and design standards for banners, audition posters, cast lists and motifs for programmes.

I was also really pleased with the outcome of the poster I made for
'Floating Fragments' (2018)- the thesis film created by Egle Sirtautaite, again using particular motifs and a blend of shots from the film and my own illustration work to create a singular stand out image.
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